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Youth Employment and Society Development

Organization Description

We are a social enterprise in Vietnam. Our desire is not yet as macro as “creating a better world” or “enhancing equality in Vietnam” because we are just small drops of sand in this enormous world. For now, we just want to ignite lights for the children in the North of Vietnam by helping them widen their eyes, to gain access to a proper education as well as career opportunities.


We want to maximize improvements and social impact in human and environmental well-being as well as operating corporate responsibility programs. We believe in the ideology of Buddhism ‘when giving, you are receiving’ so our vision is ‘by giving, you receive more than you expected’ Our mission is to gradually deal with unemployment rate amongst youth.

Skills Needed


We wish to tackle the unemployment rate in Vietnam, and one of the ways we can do this is by providing language education at an affordable cost. Especially in Northern Vietnam, in the regions of Hanoi and Ha Giang (a province on the border with China where we have implemented our first Responsible Tourism Project). Language education is unfortunately very expensive in Vietnam and so it is not something that most people have the luxury of being able to afford. We provide skills training in English and tourism (when applicable) so that the unemployed or employed students with a low salary can have better job opportunities after they graduate from university.

• Classes for students:
– They are from 18-27 years old and eager to learn. They include 2 kind of students:
1: Disadvantaged students whom we are training to be our tour guides for Responsible Tourism. (We finished a first group and moved on a period that’s looking jobs for them)
2: Students in universities who pay a small fee.

• Class for kids:
– They are from 7 – 14 years old. The classes will be located around Hanoi. Vietnamese volunteers will take you to these classes by bus, motorbike or walking.

Our volunteers tasks include :

*Creating materials and lesson plans for English classes.
*Going with them to the places where they will be your tour guide so that they can learn practical skills.
*Helping out in outdoor and indoor activities with the students.
* Observing classes.
* Helping them to design products.

WORKING HOURS: Maximum 5 hours per day. 5 days per week.
Free accommodation (clean and nice rooms) with three authentic meals per day.
Green tea, coffee and fruits are available.
Picnics and city tours every week.
Learn how to make traditional products with disabled kids.

REQUIRE: We prefer native speakers or those with teaching experience for this project, however more than this we prefer friendly people with an open mind and a good positive attitude.


We realise the tourism industry will be gradually damaged by many people who lack the knowledge on how to protect the environment, taking advantage of the natural beauty without damaging anything.

With a mission to widen and implement initiatives which was funded by the European Commission that we participated in. This is an approach to the sustainable and responsible management of tourism, aimed at maximising economic, social and environmental benefits while minimising the costs to destinations.

It is not only a great opportunity for someone who wants to learn about responsible tourism but also work within a new sector of Vietnamese economy.


Experiences in international development, marketing, Design, Film maker, or other relevant fields, or equivalent in experience.

Experience in social dialogue, capacity building in the private sector in developing countries, corporate social responsibility, blogger, fundraising or other relevant field.

High level of self-motivation and at ease working independently when necessary;

Poised, works well under pressure and attentive to detail;

Excellent communication skills and an ability to inspire and motivate others.

Flexibility and willingness to work simultaneously on a wide range of tasks and projects and ability to prioritize;

HOURS: Maximum 5 hours per day. 5 days per week
Free accommodation (clean and nice room) with three authentic meals per day.
Green tea, coffee and fruits are available.
Picnic or a city tour every week.


Due to the Universities commonly teaching theory with little practical application, Vietnamese youth are faced with many obstacles in finding a suitable job after graduating. Identifying this urgent problem, we would like to provide practical skills in English and tourism for those graduates so that they can have enough skills to better approach career opportunities.

You can help

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