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The Soulcial Trust

Organization Description

The Soulcial Trust mission is to raise awareness about social issues and causes in developing countries, in particular for disabled communities and environmental concerns, and to connect individuals wishing to volunteer for causes while living or travelling abroad with NGOs in need of volunteer services.
We do this through three major activities – our “pillars”:, XLability and Green Influence.


Within the XLability Project, which is one of the Soulcial Trust pillar, the team is implementing an educational project in India and Cambodia.
This program aims to help schools and organizations to understand more about disability in India and the complexities and challenges of living there for disabled people. We focus on various aspects of life from education to government policies, to employment or even their family.
Guddu is a team member of the Soulcial Trust in New-Delhi. He is an amputee since the age of 10 and knows the realities and hardships of living with a disability in India. He is already working on the educational project but the more we are, the more impactful we will be.

Skills Needed

Are you living in or travelling through New-Delhi? If so and if you have a few hours spare during the week and you want to volunteer to promote a social cause, then JOIN US !

The volunteer mission will be to assist Guddu, our operations officer, who is himself disabled with this project:

° To look for schools, organizations or NGOs interested in the program and creating partnerships

° To promote the program and the Trust’s work during presentations

° To organize interactive workshops with children in schools

° To communicate on the interventions and the evolution of the program.


You will help remove the barriers and challenges India’s disabled people face and improve their living conditions.
Thank you !

You can help


Please click on the volunteer link below to discuss with the NGO how you can help.

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