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Organization Description

Rural Centre for Human Interests is a registered not for profit organisation committed to integrated community development. Their vision is to create a society which is armed with information and knowledge to achieve comfortable living standards; which believe in good governance, equality and respect for each other.


They work in hilly areas of northern state of Himachal Pradesh. The tough terrain, small parcels of land, water shortage, poor infrastructure and lack of any major social action movement are some of the causes of poor living standards of rural communities.

Skills Needed

They welcome volunteers/interns who wish to contribute in terms of their time, creativity and small savings to improve on the plight of deprived communities.

They can work in areas of environment, health & sanitation, water resource development, non-formal education, awareness creating, etc.


To fight poverty and develop the community in a sustainable way, RUCHI acts in mainly four areas :

  • Natural Resource Management
  • Technology Promotion
  • Health Care
  • Education and Empowerment
You can help

They need your active support. You can check their website to get more information.

Please click on the volunteer link below to discuss with the NGO how you can help.

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