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Khmer Independent Life Team

Organization Description

KILT is registered as a local NGO since 2009. Kilt was founded by Bel, who has been himself victim of the landmines in Cambodia.
KILT has two projects:
– helping people with disabilities, create job opportunities for them and giving them a shelter
– helping poor student and children with their education and giving them a shelter


The aim of the Khmer Independent Life Team (KILT) is to end the cycle of poverty caused by landmines and disabilities and to provide jobs for people with disabilities, allowing them the opportunity to have access to the resources that they need in order to reach their full potential and their highest level of personal independence.
KILT aims to fight against discrimination for people with disabilities. Bel knows that many disabled people find it difficult to obtain a job and that discrimination towards them is sharp.

Skills Needed

Volunteer from +18.
Their role can be : teaching English, teaching Creative jewelry or teaching living business for people with disabilities.
Teaching takes place at the KILT homestead, either in the morning or the afternoon, for a couple of hours a day.
For the well running of the NGO, KILT asks for a contribution to volunteer.  That money will be use to buy materials for the jewelry and provide teaching material. You can find more information on their website.


KILT cares for 12 children who come from families who cannot afford to feed their children, let alone send them to school. 
Bel and his young wife Chanra, believe that a good education, as well as a healthy, happy environment, will give these children more opportunities of learning skills, finding jobs, and leading a dignified adult life.

You can help

They need your active support. You can check their website to get more information.

Please click on the volunteer link below to discuss with the NGO how you can help.

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