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Indochina Starfish Foundation

Organization Description

ISF provides education, healthcare and sporting opportunities to disadvantaged children in Cambodia. In addition ISF provides support services to the families of the children in our education programme to enable them to break the cycle of poverty they are currently trapped in. ISF has grown from providing basic education opportunities to 18 children in 2006 to over 600 in 2017. Our plan is to take an additional 80-100 students into our education programme each year.

Through the services provided to the families of the children ISF works with, almost 3,000 additional people are supported through our programme. ISF, in partnership with the Football Federation of Cambodia, plays a key role in providing grassroots footballing opportunities to some of Cambodia’s most disadvantaged children. This programme has grown from 50 players in 2006 to almost 3,800 in 2017 including deaf, hearing impaired players and players with intellectual and physical disabilities.


Indochina Starfish Foundation (ISF) believes that every child, regardless of where they were born, has the right to education, healthcare and sport.

Skills Needed

As an ambitious, small organisation with many projects going on, we need different skill sets.

Most of our volunteers have been helping our students improve their English skills, by helping out in class. We have also had volunteers doing fundraising and communications work or helping train our staff on mental health.


ISF goal is to make a fundamental and long-lasting positive change in the lives of some of the poorest and most disadvantaged children and their families in Cambodia.

You can help

They need your active support. You can check their website to get more information.

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