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Human Access Village Int

Organization Description

HAVI is providing human resources and services to activate in the communities in for instance recycling of materials from schools and clothes can improve the situation for under-privileged groups in Ghana.
They are active in recycling school bags, children items like clothes and shoes.
They aim to make affordable housing possible and doable, and to provide such facilities, with the help of the local community itself, the social communities in Ghana and national and international sponsors.
The concept is to construct affordable housing, by using the advances in building standard units to keep the costs down, and combine this with well thought out floor plans, that improves the benefits.
Community facilities, including school facilities for under-privileged children, are planned around the housing, and apartments will be assigned by the community based on needs and afford-ability.


They believe that to attain the Sustainable Development Goals, action from women are needed. The NGO rises by lifting others, through teaching programs and cultural exchange. They want to give the right to secure a place to live.

Skills Needed

They are ready to have volunteers for the following programs and internships :
– teaching English, games, handy crafts
– helping in disabled school like blind and deaf schools
– helping in orphanage homes
– helping in agriculture programs in farming, livestock and special conservation projects
Other placements like media, IT, and specific demands of volunteers could be arranged.

They arrange internships in the medical areas on the local clinics where support is very much appreciated. They host and take care of all volunteers equally by providing: accommodation, transportation, food, security, placement arrangements, follows, and finished certificates. Their office has 2 rooms currently to host the first volunteers and other homes close by who are our host families. They are capable of hosting from 1 to 15 persons at a goal from ages of 15 years old to old ages respectively..

« Our pride lies in giving lasting memories for our volunteers during and after their stay in Ghana. »


Teaching under privileged schools, education support through sponsoring children.

You can help

They need your active support. You can check their website to get more information.

Please click on the volunteer link below to discuss with the NGO how you can help.

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