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Habitat for Humanity (HFH India)

Organization Description

Among the largest Habitat programs in the Asia-Pacific region, HFH India has helped nearly 134,900 families gain access to decent shelter as well as rebuild their homes and lives in the aftermath of disasters. By 2019, HFH India plans to reach out to 500,000 low-income families with improved housing solutions, safe sanitation and clean water and as well as post- disaster reconstruction.


The world’s largest democracy, India, has seen rapid economic growth and made progress toward achieving most of the Millennium Development Goals. Income inequality remains a challenge though the poverty rate has been declining. To meet the country’s vision of a home for all by 2022, India will need to build an additional 110 million housing units. Given the immense need for adequate housing in the country, Habitat for Humanity India engages donors, supporters and volunteers in its mission to ensure that everyone has a decent place to live with safe sanitation and clean water.

Skills Needed

Habitat for Humanity India is looking forward to work with different kinds of volunteers like professionals, youth, students, and so on. The period depends on the skill level and availability ofv volunteers. They are also connecting with volunteers from 80+ countries.


In line with the Indian government’s vision of “Housing for All”, HFH India believes that every person has the right to safe and adequate shelter. It also addresses the problem of open defecation in India by planning to build 100,000 sanitary toilets. Since 1999, HFH India has also been responding to disasters ranging from cyclones to earthquakes to floods. India is a popular destination for Habitat’s Global Village volunteers with teams coming from countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

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