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Drishti Foundation Trust

Organization Description

Drishti Foundation Trust has been helping children from urban slums and other vulnerable communities to move on in life with the means of providing education and healthcare facilities.

Drishti Foundation Trust believes in providing all the resources to the needy children to support & direct their childhood in a leading way; by educating & empowering them to help write their own destiny.


The NGO defends the most vulnerable communities and provides them with dental care & oral hygiene. They act for the women and child health and education.

Skills Needed

Drishti Foundation Trust gives opportunities for volunteers like elderly, Ex- Service man, Retired officers and even currently working young people who would like to serve their free time as a part of volunteering. It is purely an unpaid service from the volunteers.

The volunteers can spend their time with Drishti Foundation Trust in giving trainings, sessions to children, SHGs in different project areas; fundraising opportunities & can participate in community work etc. Drishti Foundation Trust will not provide any stipend/salary to volunteers. We expect volunteers behave in a professional and responsible manner during their time of their work with us in which they would be given a specific task of their interest which they can perform.


DFT provides academic & social help / assistance to the needy children in various schools besides arranging healthcare workshops, seminars, and medical help to our target communities. As per your interest and availability we can arrange your visit to the school or healthcare center near your area. You can be with the children, & other needy; serve them with food/books/medicine, and interact with them to convey the importance of health, education and nutrition. All of us have some skills and talents which can be shared with children as part of their learning and fun activity. It can be the Art, Music, Sport, Yoga / Physical exercises, Dancing, Drawing cartoons, Mental Math, Science experiment & tricks or anything which interests them.

You can help

They need your active support. You can check their website to get more information.

Please click on the volunteer link below to discuss with the NGO how you can help.

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