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Bayon School

Organization Description

In 1993, a group of friends visits the Temples of Angkor. Among them, Mai, a Cambodian who fled her country to France when the Khmers Rouges arrived in Phnom Penh and Marcel, a French expatriate in Tokyo.

Two steps away from Bayon temple, in the Preah Saar pagoda, they meet a buddhist monk who teaches to orphans. However, the monk is very ill and when he passes away, Mai and Marcel have the feeling that they‘re entrusted with a mission: to pursue their friend‘s action.

Then, they ask their respective network contacts to give lessons to the children. Little by little, the children living nearby go to class and the school gets structured.

Bayon School is now running two main activities:

  • The primary school, which enables around 250 children to study for free and since 2007, a students follow-up: we support around 130 former primary school students in public secondary schools, and even to university for some of them.
  • Bayon Pastry School, a vocational training open since september 2014, which can welcome for free 20 underprivileged young Cambodian women.

Give access to education for children in Siem Reap. Provide training for unpriviledged women.

Skills Needed

They are looking for a web developer to manage the information systems.


They currently support about 400 children’s and teenagers’ education, from primary school, located near Bayon temple, to public middle and high schools in Siem Reap, and even sometimes to university or vocational trainings. They also opened in September 2014 a vocational training in pastry for young underprivileged women. Willing to follow a global approach to enable the students to improve their living conditions as soon as now, to encourage them to follow their education, the programme includes:

  • a health and social project meeting the children’s needs;
  • a cultural crossknowledge exchange project with children from other countries through the Angkor Academy project;
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